Skindeep Album

'Are You Ready' is the opening track from The Forresters' Skindeep album

The debut album by The Forresters 'Skindeep', was recorded in 2005. Here's some background on the making of the Skindeep album...

The Orange Humble Band's Memphis-Ardent studio experience inspired me to make my own record. When I got back home after mixing Humblin' with Mitch Easter I started writing songs and selecting musicians for the recording of the album ‘Skindeep’. I first met Nick Kennedy (Big Heavy Stuff) when Knievel were the backing band for Ken Stringfellow during his Australian tour. Nick is a great drummer, a great guy and a pleasure to make music with. It's little wonder he's the driving force behind a number of top Sydney outfits including Knievel, Anatomy Class and Imperial Broads.

Apart from running a recording studio, Steve Balbi (Noiseworks) on bass is a producer and singer/songwriter. Aside from his solo career, Steve is the lead singer with Mi-Sex. Nick, Steve and I only had one rehearsal before we put down the drums and bass in a marathon session at Milk Bar studio. We then moved to Billy Field's Paradise studios. Matt Galvin (The Barbarellas) chimed in with some killer power pop electrics as only he can. Matt played the bulk of the guitars on 'Assorted Creams' and it was great to get him on board this project. The next day of recording at Paradise we put down the piano and organ with Cameron Bruce (Paul Kelly). Cameron produced some stunning performances, mostly one take straight to tape. We then hooked up with Velvet Sound studios and finished the record there. In-house engineer Daniel Clinch did a great job. Warm sounds, great attitude & along with Anthony The made recording a bunch of fun. Guitarist Charlie Owen (The Beasts of Bourbon, Dark Horses) plays the dobro and electric guitars on the more rockin' and country flavoured tracks on the record. Charlie flew up from Melbourne for 2 days but remarkably got all his stuff on tape in 1! I picked Charlie up at the airport about midday, drove him to the studio and he plugged straight in. Without a break, 11 hours later, and with some stinging electrics and beautiful dobro playing, he had put his stamp on the record. Two other Sydney musicians who played on 'Assorted Creams’ also appear on The Forresters' Skindeep album. Peter Cross delivers some beautiful trumpet and flugel horn lines on a number of tracks and Jess Ciampa (Bernie Hayes) dragged in his entire collection of vibes, chimes, bells and whistles for a very fun percussion session. I was extra fortunate to have Wayne Connolly come in for the mixing. I love the way Wayne works those sounds and he's a lot of fun to record with. Many thanks to Wayne for some great mixes and also sitting in on the mastering.

The album was well received by music fans and reviewers alike. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of the Skindeep CD, please get in touch via our contact page. The tracks from the album are also available through iTunes and Bandcamp

Video for the track 'Outtamyhead'